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Often legal and accountancy firms have a bundle of documents which need to be analysed on the spot, requiring an instantaneous translation of a legal document during a court hearing, or a technical training centre with training manuals/hand-outs which need to be quickly explained to trainees, please contact me with details. I am highly experienced in sight translations of legal and technical documents, a highly skilled process where a document is silently read in the original language, and simultaneously translated out loud into the target language. This method is desirable when the meaning of a written document needs to be conveyed to an audience at short notice.


If you need an interpreter for visitors to the United Kingdom, please contact us for assistance.

Interpreting services will depend on your specific needs.

Dialogue interpreting

Interpretation of conversations and interviews between two or more people. The interpreter listens first to short segments before interpreting them.

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter listens to larger segments, possibly taking notes while listening, and then interprets while the speaker pauses.

Simultaneous interpreting

Interpreting into the target language while listening to the source language i.e. speaking while listening to what is being said. (In certain business negotiations and court cases, whispered simultaneous interpreting is used to keep one party informed of the proceedings.)

We will be pleased to advise you on the service which will best meet your needs.

NB. The role of an interpreter is to just convey what has been said, they do not provide advice or opinions. If you require more general guidance about appropriate ways of dealing with people from a particular culture, please talk to us about our cross-cultural consultancy.





Now providing remote interpreting via video conferencing (Skype, Zoom or Teams).
With very satisfied clients ranging between solicitors, governmental bodies, private companies and international organisations, I am happy to offer this service to clients wishing to organise remote interpreting.


Transcription & Subtitling


The transcription service is converting speech (either live or recorded) into a written or electronic text document. It is often provided for business, legal, or medical purposes as well as requirements for meetings. 



Transcription services cover all types of audio files (immigration interviews, training sessions, academic lectures, business presentations, and much more), from Arabic to English and English- Arabic and French to English and English to French. I  have worked extensively with professionals throughout the UK, transcribing and translating legal interviews, media reports and videos. The accuracy and quality of our transcription keeps our clients happy, and our commitment to data security and confidentiality under GDPR means sensitive information is safe in my hands.


Turn to an established expert when you require subtitling services. Working hand-in-hand with professional video editors, I am able to provide high-quality subtitling for business, documentary, promotional videos, videos of training sessions, academic lectures, etc., translating English into Arabic and vice versa. Contact me today to discuss your project.

 Areas of Expertise

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